Labeg x Grey & Patina - 1675 GMT Crown Variation

Limited: 50 prints (Signed & dated, frame not included)

10 pcs are available here

40 pcs available at

Size: A3 size (32.9 x 48.3 cm)


This crossover art piece is in collaborations with Grey & Patina in California. G&P is a team of watch hunters and story tellers. They specialize in vintage Rolex's and are passionate about the variations in references. One of their favourites is the Rolex GMT Ref. 1675. They commisioned me to create an art piece that displays the different crown variations that are used throughout the  Rolex 1675 references.  There are small design variances from dial to dial, so we chose to display the crown and font variances from dial Mark 1 - Mark 6. These prints are my interpretation of the Rolex GMT 1675 crown variations. The medium I chose to use is watercolor on paper, because this type of paint can display depths of a color, even just one color. So like the 1675 GMT, there are many depths to this reference.


Labeg x Grey & Patina - 1675 GMT Crown Variation (A3 Prints)